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Benefits of Implementing Employee Scheduling Software

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Employee scheduling is a time-intensive part of every manager's workweek, as they can spend up to 10 hours per week creating unique schedules for each employee. That is 25% of a 40 hour work week!

That means that is 10 hours of management not being able to interact and tend to customers, perfect the menu and dishes offered, maintaining the appearance and upkeep of the establishment, or any other important responsibilities that have a direct impact on the business and wellbeing of the restaurant.

What if you could use that time for other, more productive and growth-oriented tasks?

If you are a manager or business owner who wants to focus on growth and productivity instead of tediously filling out spreadsheets or plugging away at one of those free employee schedule templates that litter the internet search results, what you may want to look into is how employee scheduling software can streamline your schedule creation.

Schedule creation is simplified as you will now be able to tackle scheduling conflicts to create a more involved workforce and better run operation overall, leaving you time to conquer that business expansion or next product offering.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of employee scheduling software.

Collaborative Scheduling

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With employee scheduling software, your employees can be involved, in real-time, with schedule creation from the start, nipping any potential conflicts in the bud.

With the employee scheduling app, employees are able to set their own availability for shifts and manage shift trades with other employees. Management can then review these submissions and requests to ensure that all shifts are covered and then approve the requests either from a desktop or a mobile device, wherever the application is linked to.

By making employees responsible for part of the shift schedule creation, managers can save time and employees feel involved and empowered in the workplace.

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Minimizes Availability Conflicts & Saves You Time

A huge issue that many businesses deal with is employees having availability conflicts. Collaborative scheduling will likely help to reduce conflicts.

Scheduling errors will be minimized and time-off requests will more likely be acknowledged and respected. This will add to greater employee satisfaction and a possible reduction in turnover rates, an increase in productivity, and better customer service.

One of the most important benefits of employee scheduling software is the tremendous time you save in schedule creation and ultimately how much you save in costs.

Most employee scheduling apps include features such as pre-made templates, which allow you to carry over schedules from week-to-week without having to redo the whole schedule process.

This significantly reduces the amount of time spent creating schedules.


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The greatest expense for any business is probably labor costs. And, one of the main contributors to labor costs is due to improper scheduling.

This also contributes to low employee morale. What's the correlation, you may ask?

Well, an underscheduled shift can stress out employees and push them to the breaking point, as they are forced to make up the work of two employees (possibly more), instead of just their own.

Similarly, overscheduled shifts contribute to employees' frustration because they are unnecessarily getting scheduled for shifts when they are not actually needed; some employees may even be sent home early, so the business does not lose out on labor costs. Both scenarios waste time and can actually be easily avoided.

What if you had the ability to schedule based on concrete data?

An employee scheduling app allows you to make sure your schedule aligns with general trends in sales and other business metrics. This functionality saves both time and money and contributes to good employee morale.

Instant Communication & Alerts

An employee schedule maker allows managers and employees to receive notifications and communicate in real-time about shift changes and updates.

Superior employee scheduling software should have features that give managers the ability to send notifications via mobile devices to the entire team. Team members are also able to make shift requests and update managers about last-minute shift changes that often arise. The manager can then make a note and approve or deny the request from their mobile device.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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Mobile Functionality

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Mobile devices have become an integral component in all parts of business these days. There are few businesses and operations that are completely free of technology.

Employee scheduling software is no different. Scheduling software leverages mobile technology to allow for quicker schedule creation and editing. It also makes the distribution of the schedule to employees a breeze.

With a mobile app, your employees can receive an up-to-date schedule within minutes. In addition, they can request changes and coordinate possible shift swaps with other employees right from their mobile device. This saves everyone time, preventing hassle and headaches.

Free Templates are OK, but

they have their limitations.

If you have made it this far into the consideration phase of employee scheduling software for your business operations, you have likely seen the free employee schedule templates that populate the google search results pages.

Most of these are advertisements and do not have the features and functionality of a full-service employee scheduling software.

A template is only part of the total package that is a fully functional scheduling app like Zip Schedules. If you want the functionality that is really going to streamline your employee schedule creation process, free templates will only get you so far.

Zip Schedule Employee Scheduling Software

If you are looking for a fully functional employee scheduling app, Zip Schedules is loaded with features and functionality that will help you streamline your schedule creation process.

It can easily be implemented and scaled with minimal setup. The intuitive dashboard can be learned quickly and schedule creation is a breeze. Employees are brought into the schedule creation process via mobile functionality that allows them to request time off and swap shifts easily. Check out all the features of Zip Schedules and get started streamlining your schedules today.

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