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Benefits of an Employee Scheduling Software

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco


Trying to please everyone is nearly impossible. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes it feels as if you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Similarly for managers, planning ahead of time to create the most fulfilling, yet appropriate, employee work schedules for the coming weeks can be quite a challenge.

Creating a schedule is no easy task, especially with a larger staff headcount, as it can create a complicated shift pattern, especially for a restaurant with longer hours of operation.

Scheduling has a directly huge impact on business, which is why failing to ensure that a strong schedule has been implemented will negatively affect the productivity and quality of your employees' work.

Luckily, managers no longer need to rely on manual schedule creation to assign shifts because they can now utilize a shift schedule app to assist with creating a promising employee work schedule.

There are a wide number of benefits that you might be seeing when considering converting to automated scheduling practices, so we are to here help. Here is a list of the top benefits you can look forward to with employee scheduling software.

Collaborative Scheduling

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One of the biggest advantages of a shift schedule app is that it removes the burden of dedicated hours for schedule creation off management's shoulders.

With the help of scheduling software, managers can allow employees to set their own availability and also manage shift trades. In this way, the manager can quite easily ensure that all of the shifts are covered by the right people and that employees will not be mistakenly scheduled during times in which they are not available.

Once this task is done, managers will have saved a lot of time and so, they will be able to focus on more productive and important tasks.

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Solve Availability Conflicts

Since shift schedule apps allow employees to set their own availability, the possibility of any scheduling conflicts is no longer a factor or even a possibility.

For example, if two people are available for the same shift times, but there is only room for 1 employee to work at that time, the software will settle this problem quite efficiently. By highlighting which employees are available, the app gives management the option to choose who will be scheduled, while avoiding mistakenly scheduling both employees.

If a manager personally assigns shifts to employees, there is a chance that the productivity might decrease, because employees may feel less in control of their work life. However, when employees are able to choose their own shifts, it increases their satisfaction and positively improves morale.

Saves Time

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Creating a new shift schedule for each week can become a time-consuming task, especially when you are not using the right tools.

Many shift schedule apps out there allow managers timesaving possibilities as a result of the practical features and functions from the software.

For example, instead of creating a new schedule from week-to-week, previous work schedules can be saved and reused as templates going into the following weeks. Then, all that needs to be done is to assign the shifts to employees, which can easily be done with just a few clicks from the computer.

When you are working in an organization, time is very important. You always need to make sure that you are spending your time productively as possible.

Accessible Information Simplified

The main purpose of such an application is to make the manager's life easier, and it does so by providing all the information that the manager is going to need to create an effective schedule.

One of the most important pieces of information that every manager needs is staffing info, which should include a name, contact information, weekly availability, and any upcoming time off (requests/confirmed).

With this information, employees will not be scheduled for shifts that they are unavailable for. That means not having to scramble around looking for a replacement last minute trying to find an employee to fill in for a shift that is not covered.

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Easy Access

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One of the best things about these scheduling applications is that managers can access them from anywhere; employees can, as well!

This makes things a lot easier because management does not need to be physically present should an issue arise in the restaurant. Of course, bigger conflicts would require physical presence, but scheduling concerns should not warrant management's presence.

With the help of scheduling software, managers can easily solve smaller problems from their home, like finding an employee to pick up an extra shift on a busier than expected day.


Managing employees can be a very difficult task because a number of dilemmas can arise. One of the main areas of concern is creating a schedule. Without the proper schedule and shift assignment, no organization can work efficiently.

Every manager needs to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to utilize the full potential of their employees, and this starts by scheduling them accordingly.

Shift scheduling is one of the biggest factors that come into play when talking about productivity. If the shifts have not been assigned with this level of importance in mind, then the productivity at that organization is going to fall significantly.

With the right scheduling software, you can improve your work practices, which will allow you to make the most out of your day.

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