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All You Need to Know About an Employee Scheduling App

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

The Extent to Creating a Functioning Employee Schedule

Regardless of the restaurant type that you run, whether it's fine or casual dining, bar or nightclub, or maybe even a bakery setting, running a contemporary restaurant business can be quite tasking, and it is not for the faint of heart.

Aside from striving to get the prefect taste for your dishes, what also contributes to your customers becoming regular patrons is often based on customer service. As a manger, you are responsible for the service your employees are providing, as you have the authority of coordinating, supervising, and engaging your team in their jobs. This part actually is the most intricate aspect of any business that will thrive. Every business' strength is directly proportional to the psychosocial, enviro-biological, and financial conditions of its staff.

Simply put, an employee schedule is like a timetable for work a guide directing all the activities at work. An employee schedule is a form or document that aids proper planning and structuring of your company. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you want to have an employee schedule to enable you keep track of your employees. You also want to ensure that they part-time workers to full-timers to freelancers know exactly what their tasks are and when they are to execute them.

What Major Thing Do Employees Want from Employers?

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Simply put, the major aspect employees want from their employers is to be cared about. Care that's the word. You don't have to overthink this. You don't have to sweat it. Caring for your employees is a quality that is commonly overlooked in any business.

However, something as little as rescheduling the tasks of an employee, whose child is going for a chemo, or having a difficult divorce process in court, or trying to get an aging parent into a home-care facility, means a lot. This is very important for your business. But how can you effectively reschedule in such a precarious situation if you do not use an employee schedule? You simply cannot, because you cannot benefit from what you don't use.

Statistics tells us that one of the most important things employees look for before taking a new job in the United States is employer-employee relationships. When asked, 81% of employees spread across the U.S placed honest feedback at the top of their Must-Haves list for employers. Workers want to know and be sure of how exactly they will be treated when they join your company. They want to know if it's a place where their opinions count.

One major way to adequately cater to your employees' challenges and properly plan the direction of your business is, especially if you have a staff number that is sizable, is by using an employee scheduling app.

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What Do You Gain by Using an Employee Scheduling App?

Rather than go through the very tedious and highly error-prone traditional method of scheduling, using preset formatting, paperwork and printed documents, there are a number of software applications today that can help you with employee scheduling and planning. The benefits are truly rewarding.

1. Worry Less

You will no longer have to worry about how to schedule tasks if you have a mobile workforce. Using an employee schedule app solves this problem for you very seamlessly! You can post, edit, and even communicate through an employee scheduling app.

2. Proper Shift Rotation

With an employee schedule app, there will also be proper shift rotations. An employee schedule will ensure that everyone comes to work as scheduled and aware of their task for the day. No one will come to work when they are not supposed to, and this will greatly help to manage space, which is especially important for a restaurant business. This feature will also abide to the labor laws, so as to not schedule a minor for a longer than allocated shift or schedule shifts too closely to each other without adequate breaks in between.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

3. Efficiency

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Creating and following an employee schedule will ensure efficiency of operations. Using an employee scheduling app will gaurentee that work is done on time, thereby expediting work processes and service delivery, because each member of your team will have this information accessible to them from the application.

4. Saves on Costs

A strong employee scheduling app will also help restaurant owners and managers deploy the needed levels of control that will foster growth. This is possible because the app can enable the business to scale in new terrains, as they will have the ability to collect real-time oversight functions, such as over or under-scheduling. Another powerful resource tool is insight into the arrival and departure time of employees so you can monitor budgeted hours and overtime. It can also save on cost by giving you the foresight to plan ahead according to staff strength and size.

5. Employee Recognition

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You will also be able to create an effective reward system for workers, as the application will afford you the ability to observe workers who perform their tasks with diligence and utmost professionalism. This can be tracked by their hours worked and the amount of time taken to compelte an assigned task. Deserved recognition relates back to the number one quality employees look for in their job hunt -- care.

All of these actions will in turn lead to an increase in the satisfaction of your clients or customers, as well as your employees, knowing that their performances monitored and subjected to review, will cement their commitment to work.

How to Utilize the App to the Fullest

As you can see, using an employee scheduling app has many rewarding features and will lead to meaningful progress in your business. You may also be wondering if there are any challenges that come with using such an application, and that is a very valid concern. These potential challenges are easily avoidable.

  • If you have employees who often call out due to other obligations or emergencies, then implement a company policy where there is a limit for the number of days off an employee may take. In the event where an employee absolutely must take a personal day off, and their quota has been exceeded, then request that a written notice be submitted for your records. You can then note this request in your employee scheduling app, so this employee will not be reprimanded in the future. This will also facilitate adequate rescheduling.
  • A challenge is only as big as you make it. As the one in charge of the restaurant business, you need to be alert and aware of any new developments in your company. Furthermore, you need to be able to set up the schedule properly so that it can work properly. Familiarize yourself with the latest updates and software upgrades, and you'll be good to go.
And there you have it! That's all you need to know about an employee scheduling app!

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