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7 Time Management Tips for Your Business

Michelle Jaco

By Michelle Jaco

The universal question that continues to stump us all Do I have enough time?

With the latest advancements in technology continuing to make its way into nearly every industry, how is it possible that we still manage to find ourselves trying to catch up with this commodity that is time?

When it comes to your work-life especially in the restaurant industry more time is, in fact, more valuable.

From looking after the needs of your customers to managing the daily/weekly inventory of ingredients and perishables, a restaurant manager's job is never done, as he/she is responsible for a number of responsibilities.

As a manager, it is your job to ensure quality service, enhance the dining experience, follow food-handling standards, and juggle between the front and back-office duties. The list of tasks can prove to be overwhelming and endless, leaving you exhausted and stressed.

If you fall short in any of these areas, the reputation of the restaurant could be at stake, as the fatigue and pressure transmit to your employees, thus reducing productivity and motivation to perform.

Managing time in a restaurant can be an arduous task, but with the right time management tips, you can effectively manage your work schedule, so you and your business do not suffer.

One - Work with a Positive Attitude

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We get it. This is totally easier said than done, but to the best of your ability, work with a positive attitude. This will go a long way.

You only have 60 minutes of every hour to get the job whatever it may be done. So, make every minute count, and make it count constructively.

Displaying a positive mindset will positively affect the mood of both employees and customers. On the contrary, a negative demeanor resulting from a stressed mind plagues everyone, beginning with your employees and trickling down to your customers.

A consistently bad dining experience leads to a damaging reputation and ultimately to an influx in lost customers.

As a manager or owner, it should be your aim to prevent such catastrophes, which can be accomplished by keeping your staff motivated and showing gratitude toward their accomplishments and hard work.

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Two - Plan in Advance as Much as Possible

Time is money. Therefore, only you can decide how you choose to spend your money.

In order to deliver incredible results, you first need to develop a plan of action, consisting of how you and your employees' time should be spent regarding each shift's tasks and responsibilities.

With effective time management, you are establishing a clear goal into understanding what's truly important and beneficial to the restaurant. There are different ways of accomplishing these goals and may even require some experimentation through trial and error, but it all comes down to how you manage time.

Being proactive and anticipating problems before they occur will help keep stress at bay.

Three - Prioritize the Tasks

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In the restaurant business, every day can be vastly different as you encounter new customers and challenges on a regular basis.

Furthermore, circumstances can change any moment without prior notification. As the restaurant manager, having a checklist or master plan detailing the critical activities of the day will help in running the business smoothly.

You need to focus on essential and urgent problems such as inventory management, assigning tasks of absentees to other employees, equipment management and customer service. Once you prioritize the work, you need to ignore situations that cause distractions and temporarily overlook tasks, which are unnecessarily time-consuming.

Four - Lead by Example

If you want the employees to perform at their fullest potential and utilize their time effectively, you have to exemplify how a particular task is done.

Leading by example makes the point crystal clear to the employees. Work along with your staff members instead of providing classroom training.

For example, if you want the kitchen staff to assist servers during rush hour, you should also step in to help. This will set an example for others to follow.

Once your employees see you doing extra work without any hesitation, they will be more likely to replicate your behavior in the future.

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Five - Delegate Work

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It's a simple concept you cannot run the business single-handedly, so stop trying.

It is imperative that you learn to delegate your work to your employees. Effective delegation is not only about completing the assigned task.

Instead, it's more about setting realistic expectations and defining an achievable result. Setting unrealistic expectations will set your employees up for failure, and the task will either remain unfinished or underperformed.

Furthermore, make it a point to follow up with the work to ensure that the expectations are clear and achievable.

Six - Check Emails in Batches

Constantly rummaging through an endless stream of emails on your cell phone in order to meet deadlines, submit last minute orders, or whatever pressing task at hand can prove to be a major disorganized distraction.

As a solution, you should read and reply to messages or emails in batches at designated times throughout the day. You don't have to reply to emails instantly.

Opt for simply placing a phone call if drafting an email is going to take longer than 2-3 minutes or if the email chain is going to be drawn out.

Getting trapped in the email chain and devoting far too much time in replying will leave you with little time to focus on important issues.

Seven - Maintain a Balanced Personal and Work-Life

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy the phrase holds true even in business. Manage your schedule such that you can devote time with your family, follow your passion, cultivate friendship, practice spirituality, or do anything which rejuvenates and recharges your brain cells. It's important to live life to the fullest while giving 100% performance at work.

Using these time management tips, you will see your restaurant flourish. However, the best way to manage your time is by using scheduling software like Zip Schedules, which will help you streamline work schedules, track time, improve employee accountability, and allow effective communication with the employees.

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