Organize the Chaos of Volunteering

Mobilize Your Volunteer Workforce for Free

Whether you are scheduling for nonprofit organizations, charities, fundraisers, school events, sports leagues, or worship centers you can say goodbye to handwritten volunteer schedules forever. Zip Schedules streamlines volunteer management with cloud-based scheduling and team communication accessible from the web, tablets, and any iPhone or Android. Our free mobile apps ensure effortless mobilization for your whole team eliminating the volunteer scheduling chaos you’ve become accustomed to.

Schedule & Communicate with Volunteers

Create Schedules
Fill Schedule Gaps
Handle Requests

Effortless Volunteer Management

Manage Volunteers

Automatically Deliver Schedules

When you complete a daily or weekly schedule hit publish to automate delivery to all of your volunteers.

Avoid Schedule Conflicts

Volunteer availability and time-off requests are displayed on the schedule, making it easy to avoid overlapping shifts.

Fill Schedule Gaps

If a shift is added or dropped volunteers will be instantly notified to ensure all gaps are filled.

Communicate News & Updates

Keep your team informed by communicating news through our internal messaging system.

Mobilize Volunteers

Instantly View Schedules

Volunteers have access to their schedules anywhere at anytime with the free mobile app.

Update Availability

Volunteers can change their own availability and request time off so you always know when they are free.

Swap Shifts

Shifts can be easily traded between volunteers so you can be sure every shift is covered.

Stay in the Loop

Volunteer teams are able to communicate with one another and receive news blasts so, everyone is always in the loop.

Online employee shift planning has never
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