Online Theme Park Employee Scheduling Software

In a seasonal industry, customer demand changes depending on the time of year. Handling turnover from seasonal employees and the constant changes in employee availability can be quite overwhelming. Zip Schedules offers a team communication center available on our free mobile app, allowing requests to be made directly to management as well as employees. This allows you to fill shifts online quickly and know when employees are unavailable so you always schedule the right people at the right times.

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Features you need in a seasonal industry.

Handle Employee Turnover

Reassign employee shifts when employees turnover. Anytime an employee’s leaves, their shifts will become unassigned making them easy to reassign or offer.

Internal Communication

Use our closed loop messaging system to communicate news and other pertinent information to employees. Our free mobile app allows 24/7 access to schedules, requests, and messages.

Manage Employee Skills

Add positions and ratings to employee profiles. This makes it easy to identify the best qualified employee assigning them to the position and shift that allows them to best service customers.

Easy Schedule Updates

Update schedules such as adding or removing a shift right from the mobile app on your iPhone or Android. All changes will appear instantly for you to review before publishing schedules.

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