Online Theater Employee Scheduling Software

The theater industry is fast-paced and relies on large crowds to generate excitement for new releases. This results in fluctuating seasonal demand that requires employee schedules to constantly change. Zip Schedules offers a scheduling solution that allows managers to communicate new schedules to employees with a single click and easily handle employee turnover. And, the free mobile app allows employees 24/7 access to view schedules and make requests anywhere, any time.

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An Easier Way to Manage Employee Schedules.

Publish Employee Schedules in Minutes

Alert staff when schedules are complete with a single click. Once published, employees receives schedules through email and/or push notification with the option to view them anytime through our free mobile app.

Streamline Employee Communication

Request your employees download our free mobile app to view schedules and make various requests such as availability changes, time off, and swap shifts.

Internal Messaging System

Communicate news and alerts to employees so they always know what happening. Our closed loop messaging system allows for internal communication without giving away employees private information.

Handle Employee Shift Requests

View requests made by employees through the web or our free mobile app. Accept or reject requests with a single click and choose between employees that have accepted shift offers.

Online employee shift planning has never
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