Online Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software

Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops choose Zip Schedules to simplify restaurant employee scheduling. Hostesses, servers, cooks, bartenders and baristas stay connected to their work schedules with the free Zip Schedules mobile app giving them 24/7 access. Managers save time looking for shift replacements by offering up unassigned shifts for eligible employees.

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Solutions to your restaurant needs.

Improved Communication

Make handling requests and filling shifts easier with our Team Center. Available on our free mobile app, employees can view their schedule, make requests and accept shift offers.

Better Customer Service

Spend less time scheduling and more time coaching employees to improve customer service. Employees will be able to focus more on creating a memorable customer experience.

Faster Scheduling

Quickly create schedules by using our copy or template tools. Easily reassign shifts if someone is scheduled for a day off as their shift appears blacked out on the schedule.

Compliance to Labor Laws

Get alerted about potential labor law breaches when writing schedules. This allows you to make changes to the schedule before publishing it for all your employees to see.

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