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This whitepaper discusses methods to reduce absenteeism through improved communication.

Let’s be realistic. People sometimes have legitimate reasons for calling out of work. Employees, or their children, get sick. Or, they may need some unplanned time off to take care of an mergency at home. They may have an important meeting, or a job interview, that couldn’t be rescheduled. These types of situations are commonplace, and typically manageable. Life happens to all of us.

Danielle Richards Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards is the Senior Editor of R|Magazine.

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What people have said about the Communication in the Workplace Whitepaper:

Francisco Barotelli

Francisco Barotelli, Manager, Francisco’s

“As a Manager of a restaurant, I have found that dealing with absences is one of the most frustrating part of the jobs. Zip Schedules would eliminate a number of the problems I face with missing employees each week.”

jessica sanchez

Jessica Sanchez, HR, Sweet Tooth

“This whitepaper explained the true importance of keeping a handle of absenteeism at your establishment. Only now do I truly see the need for a communication platform for employees.”

Markell Knight

Markell Knight, Human Resource Manager, Phoebe’s Café

“I never realized what a difference it would make allowing employees to be responsible for their own schedule. Zip Schedules seems like a fantastic way to ensure no shift goes under (or over) staffed. “