Project Description

Employees are a business’s single, most valuable and essential asset. Learn the key elements of employee management.

  • Recruiting, selecting and hiring
  • Organizing the human resource – employee scheduling
  • The psychology of employee management
  • How to motivate and engage your employees with the aid of great perks
  • How to check if you have a happy workplace
  • When it’s time to fire

Danielle Richards Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards is an editor and contributor to RMagazine. Danielle is in charge of coordinating content aimed at the SMB sector, discussing workforce management topics and solutions. She began working for the publication in October of 2014.

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What people have said about the Employee Management eBook

Alice Rosenbaum

Alice Rosenbaum, General Manager, Georgia’s Linens

“Understanding employees is often my biggest challenge. Thanks to this eBook I learned what makes employees ticks and how to handle my employee’s needs. Going forward, I know if can better motivate and engage my employee’s”

Ryan Gayton

Ryan Gayton, Area Manager, Roasted Café

“Scheduling my workforce sometimes gets complicated when college is in session. It’s difficult to maintain everyone’s requests and availability changes. Fortunately, this eBook helped me find a solution.”

Monique Thompson

Monique Thompson, Recruiter, Great Lake’s Steaks

“As a recruiter, my main goal is to hire the most talented individuals for the job. I learned a lot reading this eBook specifically where I can best begin the recruiting process to identify top talent and ensure we hire them.”