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No longer question whether or not you’re on budget or have to many or to few employees scheduled.Zip-Schedules_400

Costa Mesa, CA, January 6, 2015 – Hubworks, a leading provider of cloud-based software for small business operations, announces today, the release of Zip Forecast. Zip Forecast is a forecasting engine that seamlessly integrates with Huwborks scheduling solution, Zip Schedules.

New forecasting and budgeting features made available with Zip Forecast allow users to project staff and position needs. Business operators can now rest easy knowing that they have the right staff scheduled in the right places at the right times. Gone are the days where you show up at your site and you have 10 employees working with no customers to service.

Another major feature now available is multiple pay rates. Zip Schedules Product Manager, Neal Eisler said, “Our users were having problems scheduling employees at different positions that paid a different pay rate. They could schedule the employees at different positions throughout the week but if that position paid a different rate, it could not be reflected on the schedule.” Now when you add or update positions an employee is qualified for you can easily add any changes in pay that the employee earns.

And, we can’t forget about the release of new budgeting features. Budgeting is complemented by Zip Forecasts ability to project daily sales. Users can now set a labor budget in the form of a scheduled labor percentage of sales that displays as a guide when you create your weekly schedule. The scheduled labor percentage uses the forecasted sales to project if you are on target with your labor budget for each day of the week.

Zip Forecast is just the latest app making Hubworks the place to go for small business owners looking to address their workforce management needs. With its latest version release, Hubworks has increased the quality and capabilities of the solutions it offers to business operators. Users now have the ability to schedule employees at multiple pay rates depending on the position they work while utilizing effective forecasting and budgeting features.

About Hubworks

Hubworks is a growing collection of web-based software applications designed to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage technology at an affordable price. Industries served include restaurants, food service, hospitality, retail and more. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Hubworks simplifies processes in areas such as scheduling, labor management, operations and business analytics. The cloud-based solutions include free mobile apps and are offered on a monthly subscription basis. For more information visit

About Zip Schedules

 Zip Schedules is the simple, easy way to create clear, manageable employee schedules for a business establishment. It features effortless scheduling, time off management, self-maintained employee availability, schedule templates, standard shifts, and employee sharing across multiple sites – all tablet accessible. And the Zip Schedules mobile app gives employees and managers full visibility over the weekly schedule which eliminates confusion and ensures that all of your required shifts are covered. For more information visit