Project Description

In today’s fast-paced world, people are always looking for ways to get a task done quickly and efficiently. Many scheduling software’s are using mobile technology in order to make the system easier to use, satisfying both managers and employees.

There are now many features that are included with scheduling software, one of the most popular being mobile technology. Managers and employees can now utilize their tablets or smartphones to create their schedule, as well as communicate with others regarding shift swaps or time off requests.

Sabrina Sanchez

Sabrina Sanchez is a contributor to RMagazine. Sabrina coordinates content and operates social media. She began working for the publication in July of 2015.

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What people have said about the Scheduling and Mobile Technology eBook

Debbie Highland

Debbie Highland, Manager, Freeland Bar and Grill

“We recently upgraded our scheduling software and were amazed at how much easier it made everything. My staff loves how they can instantly see their schedule, and easily trade shifts”

Sean Manilo

Sean Manilo, Owner, Frosty Cream Shop

“This eBook convinced me to upgrade my scheduling software. We were having a lot of issues with our scheduling, and our new software makes everything so easy. The staff has even stopped complaining!”

Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson, Kitchen Manager, Hoke Poke

“When I’m working, I have very little time to sit at my computer answering work e-mails. Now I receive instant messages on my smartphone and can reply quickly whether I’m at work or not.”