Project Description

The eBook, “Scheduling and Customer Satisfaction,” explains how the two are directly related. A customer’s satisfaction often depends on the staff, which needs to be scheduled effectively in order for this to happen. This eBook will delve into the steps a Manager needs to take in order to get the most out of their staff while also keeping them happy. When a staff is happy, it reflects in their work, and guest’s can pick up on it. The overall experience is improved for everyone and the customer is more likely to return.

Sabrina Sanchez Sabrina Sanchez

Sabrina Sanchez is an editor and contributor to R|Magazine.

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What people have said about The Scheduling and Customer Satisfaction eBook

Marcellus Jennings

Marcellus Jennings, Owner, Porter’s Bar and Grill

“This eBook convinced me to make changes to my schedule. My staff is happier, and I have gotten numerous compliments from guests regarding the service.”

Shawna Jones

Shawna Jones, Manager, Gyros & Heroes

“It’s amazing the difference it makes when you really analyze the schedule and who is on it. My employees are now much happier while working.”

Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriguez, HR Sushi Spot

“Once i knew how to properly schedule employees my profits increased, my employees were happier and my customers were enjoying themselves more with each visit!”