Project Description

Requests for overnight scheduling have been answered in addition to a more intuitive look and feel.

Costa Mesa, CA, October 30, 2015 – Hubworks, a leading provider of cloud-based software for small business operations, announces today, the addition of overnight scheduling to its scheduling solution, Zip Schedules.  Additionally, the Zip Schedules interface was improved to provide users with a more intuitive look and feel.

Overnight scheduling was a huge missing piece in the scheduling solution offered by Zip Schedules. “We heard our users requests to schedule employees past Midnight and delivered,” said Zip Schedules Product Manager, Neal Eisler.  With overnight scheduling now available, users can schedule employees into the next day without experiencing any problems.

In addition to overnight scheduling, Zip Schedules cleaned up the Dashboard to clearly show managers the information they need to see such as upcoming shifts, schedule reports and requests. Managers now have the ability to view week to week comparisons of their sites schedule hours. With this report, manager can easily spot over and under scheduling to ensure more efficient store operations.

While cleaning up the Dashboard, the look and feel of shifts on the schedule was improved to provide more intuitiveness for users. Previously, positions titles rolled off the shifts and selecting actions couldn’t have been more frustrating. “Our users weren’t happy and neither were we,” said Zip Schedules Product Manager, Neal Eisler.  When users hover over shifts, they will now have options to edit the shift, view shift violations and add new shifts.

With its latest version release, Zip Schedules has improved the quality and simplicity of its scheduling solution. And to help customers get started, Zip Schedules is working on developing new training videos and webinars that will be made available on the Hubworks Support Page as they become available. What’s great about Hubworks is that they are constantly looking for ways to improve their software solutions and services to ensure customers have a memorable experience.

About Hubworks
Hubworks is a growing collection of web-based software applications designed to help small to medium-sized businesses leverage technology at an affordable price. Industries served include restaurants, food service, hospitality, retail and more. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, Hubworks simplifies processes in areas such as scheduling, labor management, operations and business analytics. The cloud-based solutions include free mobile apps and are offered on a monthly subscription basis. For more information visit

About Zip Schedules
Zip Schedules is the simple, easy way to create clear, manageable employee schedules for a business establishment. It features effortless scheduling, time off management, self-maintained employee availability, schedule templates, standard shifts, and employee sharing across multiple sites – all tablet accessible. And the Zip Schedules mobile app gives employees and managers full visibility over the weekly schedule which eliminates confusion and ensures that all of your required shifts are covered. For more information visit