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Press Release: Web-based System Boosts Productivity at Fresh Griller
Costa Mesa, CA 11/20/2014

Zip Schedules, a restaurant-scheduling tool, caters to small and medium sized businesses, improving their profitability and productivity. Fresh Griller, a popular modern restaurant catering to diners looking for a healthier alternative to fast food, has excelled in serving fantastic food and is now focused on optimizing labor by cutting costs and reducing violations. Fresh Griller hoped to streamline labor costs through the implementation of a new, web-based, scheduling system.


The restaurant manager had a tough time managing employee schedules, while implementing changes in shifts or to fill in for an absent employee. From violation of labor laws to paying extra costs, the troubles were numerous till they installed the restaurant scheduling software, Zip Schedules.

The restaurant scheduling software streamlined the operations at Fresh Griller by efficiently scheduling employee work time without violating labor laws for minors and adults. The employee communication center in the restaurant schedule software gave the staff easy access to their future and existing work schedules. They can now request to trade their shifts or accept the shifts from their mobile phones, tablets or any other internet-abled device.

The schedule conflicts were minimized and time off requests were promptly responded to. The weekly schedule, which was overwhelming before, was completed within five minutes. The restaurant scheduling software comes with built-in California Labor Laws, so violations of any kind are eliminated.

The managers at Fresh Griller are happy with the restaurant scheduling software. Brian Grant, Area Coach at the restaurant says, “I love the speed of the scheduling system. It’s really easy to create a work Schedule.” The user-friendly nature of the restaurant scheduling software has also endeared it to the employees. “I was so impressed with Zip Schedules that I couldn’t wait to start using it. I’ve never seen a scheduling product that is so easy to use and understand” said Jon Evrard, newly appointed general manager at the restaurant.

With real time alerts for overtime, the restaurant scheduling software is a valuable asset to restaurants that are looking to streamline their operations, and avoid hefty expenses for labor law violations. Armed with the software, restaurants can now do a comprehensive automation at every level of the operation; right from the store, to corporate operations. The core level functional enhancement has led to a steep rise in the performance curve ensuring high and sustained profits.


Zip Schedules is the solution for business owners looking to streamline their workforce management techniques. Aimed at small to medium sized businesses, Zip Schedules is engineered to boost profits by decreasing inefficiencies and wasted time. Please visit for more information!

Fresh Griller Press Release