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The eBook “Absenteeism—Employee Absence Management” is an in-depth look in to the effects of absenteeism on the restaurant industry.

Absenteeism in the restaurant industry is unique when compared to the absenteeism that is seen in other professional industries. In fact, absenteeism has the potential to cause the closure of a restaurant if its employees continually fail to show up to work. This eBook explores the cost of absenteeism on restaurants as well as the challenges faced by management at all levels within an establishment, when dealing with absenteeism in realtime. From executing traditional methods like phone calls and voice mails to waiting on customers themselves or implementing a new application like Zip Schedules to improve the communication of schedule information to staff better. For the restaurant industry as a whole, this eBook will be an invaluable tool for success.

Danielle Richards Danielle Richards

Danielle Richards is an editor and contributor to RMagazine. Danielle is in charge of coordinating content aimed at the SMB sector, discussing workforce management topics and solutions. She began working for the publication in October of 2014.

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What people have said about the Absenteeism eBook

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Samantha Wallensack, Manager, The Vegan Grill

“This eBook made me realize how much time I’ve wasted playing phone tag with my employees when we are understaffed…if I was using Zip Schedules I could have saved myself precious time and loads of money!”

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Rachel Tyler, Owner, Southern Comfort Furnishing

“After learning the true cost of an absent employee I will never manage my workforce the same. No more wasted labor costs when tools like Zip Schedules are available!”

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Gary Werth, General Manager, Sal’s Subs

“I finally understand why it’s time to move on from post-it’s and voicemails when it comes to approving shift trades. Thanks for introducing me to an incredible alternative and time saver…Zip Schedules!”