Save Hours on Scheduling with an Online Schedule Maker

Zip Schedules employee scheduling software allows manager to access, edit, and publish staff schedules from their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Scheduling employees has always been a tedious chore – make it a minor task with Zip Schedules.

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Managers won’t have to listen to their phone ringing off the hook after a schedule is released. Employees can view current and future work schedules from their mobile device.


Managers can offer open shifts up for grabs to team members. Employees can offer future shifts for trade with other employees right from their iPhone or Android.



Employees can request time off and availability changes. Immediate access to mobile alerts makes it much easier for managers to deal with the abundance of requests they receive weekly.


Managers can send news flashes to the entire team or a group of employees. Employees can be instantly informed of store-specific news and events.

10 Reasons to Invest in Zip Schedules

  • 30-days to try Zip Schedules for free (no credit card required).
  • Instantly access your employee schedules from any device.
  • Start scheduling in your first hour with streamlined on-boarding.
  • Cut down the time it takes to create schedules by over 60%.
  • Deliver the schedule to all your employees with one click.
  • You will never hear, “I lost my schedule” again.
  • Manage schedules and requests on-the-go with the free mobile app.
  • No more scheduling mix-ups, double staffing or unnecessary overtime costs.
  • Increase customer service and satisfaction with proper staffing.
  • Eliminate over scheduling with daily and weekly labor budgets.

Curious how Zip Schedules can benefit your business?

Find out how an online schedule maker can save time and reduce labor costs.

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Great for Managers

Approve Time-off & Availabilty Requests

Get notified when employees makes requests for time-off or availability changes. Approve it and employees are instantly notified.

Manage Shift Change Requests

Manage employee schedules on-the-go. Approve shift trades right from the mobile app.

Offer Unassigned Shifts

Instantly notify available staff through the mobile app when you need an open shift filled.

Publish, Add & Edit Shifts

Easily update the schedule on-the-go. Add new shifts, edit existing shifts and automatically notify staff.

Loved by Employees

24/7 Access to their schedule

Employees will always know when they are scheduled. If any schedule change is made, they are instantly alerted.

Make Time-off & Availability Requests

Employees can make time-off and availability requests from their mobile phone and managers are instantly notified.

Accept & Offer Shifts

Employees can offer and accept shifts from coworkers. When a shift is accepted, Zip Schedules asks managers for approval.

Protect Employee Privacy Rights

Employees choose whether or not to share their contact info with coworkers allowing them to feel secure about their privacy rights

Online Schedule Maker | Zip Schedules

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If you are still working with spreadsheets, try an online schedule maker. Zip Schedules is free for 30-days.