Online Hotel Workforce Management Software

Hotels and event centers choose Zip Schedules to ensure the right staff is scheduled to service the 24/7 demands of guests. Bellhops, maids, concierge, maintenance and many more positions have different skill sets adequate for different departments and Zip Schedules makes this all easy to maintain. With a Team Center available on our free mobile app, hotel managers and staff can quickly communicate to ensure shifts are filled and any guest issue is dealt with immediately.

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Keep your Hotel Employee Workforce Connected.

Improve Communication

Use our closed loop messaging system to communicate news and alerts to staff. Our mobile apps built in Team Center allow staff to easily make requests.

Utilize Time Better

Save time scheduling and spend more time coaching employees to improve customer service. Managers will be able to focus more on what matters which is servicing the customer.

Broadcast Open Shifts

Offer unassigned shifts that need to be filled quickly from the web or mobile app. When a shift opens up, it can be offered to any staff member with the manager having final approval over who gets it.

Easy Labor Law Compliance

Avoid scheduling staff into overtime or other labor breaches. On schedule labor law alerts notify you of potential breaches before publishing schedules.

Online employee shift planning has never
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