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Employee Work Schedule

Everything you always wanted to know about creating an employee work schedule but were too afraid to ask. Creating an employee work schedule or a work calendar that will satisfy all team members is almost an impossible task. It doesn’t matter how many sleepless nights you spend over the schedule, you can bet that a few employees will still be unhappy or disappointed about their assigned shifts. [...]

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Shift Schedule Template

Looking to get started with your staffing plan? Start with this shift schedule template from Zip Schedules. A shift schedule template will obviously save you some time, but it can also help you to create flexible work schedules if you need to. And this will benefit your business immensely. Let us look at some of the benefits we are talking about [...]

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Small Business Scheduling Software

Fully-featured easy-to-use employee scheduling software for your small to medium-sized business that simplifies the way you schedule. If you are shopping for staff scheduling software for a small to medium sized business, regardless of the industry, Zip Schedules is the way to go. This is because we understand perfectly [...]

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Time Schedule Template

Download the free time schedule template in excel or word format here. Are you aware that almost all states and countries have laws that require a restaurant manager or owner to keep or preserve the employment records of all employees? If you are already aware of this law, or you just realized there is such a law through this article, [...]

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Improve Your Health With A Scheduler

Wondering what exactly a scheduler can do for you? Try the scheduler app from Zip Schedules. It is undeniable that a scheduler app can be of great help to you as a restaurant manager, but do you know that it can also save your life? “How?” you might ask. Let’s see how! [...]

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United States Labor Laws Resources

Zip Schedules Staffing App – Assistance you can count on! Without a shadow of doubt, employee planning and scheduling is an arduous and time consuming activity that requires significant time and efficient management skills. However, with the introduction of scheduling apps and staff planners, employee scheduling [...]

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