Online Hospitality Employee Scheduling Software

Managing and scheduling employee in the hospitality industry requires a lot of work if you aren’t using the right tool. With so many departments and constantly fluctuating demand, it is often difficult to determine when and where to schedule an employee shift. Zip Schedules provides a solution with demand-based schedule forecasting and a 24/7 mobile app so schedules can be quickly communicated to staff.

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Forecasting your schedule needs.

Online Streamline Scheduling

Create schedules in minutes not hours with useful tools and shortcuts. Maintain standard shifts, save schedules as templates and copy any previous week’s schedule with little to no effort.

View Schedules Anywhere

Download our free mobile app to view schedules anywhere, anytime. The minute schedules are published; staff can make requests such as shift offers or acceptance.

Automate Schedule Notifications

Publish shifts or schedules to automatically notify staff and customize schedule settings to determine which, if any, schedule requests will be automatically approved.

Reduce Overtime Employee Scheduling Costs

Avoid scheduling an employee into overtime with preemptive laber law alerts during schedule creation.Use our integrated smart clock,zip clock, to control and monitor employee shift time.

Online employee shift planning has never
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