Online Hospital Staff Scheduling Software

Hospitals are fast-paced and require around-the-clock responsibility from doctors, nurses, and emergency responders having to keep up with the high stress and high demand of their positions. Zip Schedules provides a tool to help manage hospital staff so they always know when and where they are scheduled to be. The free mobile app creates a 24/7 line of communication for schedules and other news eliminating the frustration caused by miscommunications.

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Simplify scheduling and improve communication.

Save Time

Utilize tools and features to quickly create and publish schedules. Standard Shifts, Templates, and our copy features allow you to create schedules in minutes.

Reduce Turnover

Create schedules around staff shift preferences with the help of our built in Team Center. Your staff can request availability changes, time off, and offer shifts to co-workers.

Control Labor Costs

Avoid scheduling your staff into potential labor law breaches with automatic labor law alerts. Set labor budgets to use as a guide during schedule creation so you avoid overstaffing.

Stay Notified

Ensure your staff always knows when they are scheduled to work. Our free mobile app alerts them the minute schedules are published along with optional email and push notifications.

Online employee shift planning has never
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