Online Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and it can be tough to keep up with the round-the-clock responsibility. Nurses and caregivers are constantly on-the-go working with patients while wearing multiple hats each day. Zip Schedules provides tools such as our Team Center, available on the free mobile app, to make scheduling faster, more accessible, more convenient, and easier to communicate.

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Manage Workforce Schedules on-the-go.

Reduce Healthcare Workforce Cost

Eliminate issues with over scheduling by scheduling staff more efficiently. Create daily and weekly labor budgets to use as a guide during schedule creation.

Fill Shifts Quickly and Accurately

Quickly find eligible staff to cover shifts at the last minute. With our free mobile app you’ll be able to handle any shift conflicts or emergency situations in the best possible manner.

Increase Communication

Take instant action through our free mobile app when staff members accept future shifts offered by co workers, request time off or changes in availability.

Manage Staff for Multiple Locations in a Minute

Share staff between multiple locations and always know where they are scheduled to work. The schedule displays staff shifts at other sites so you never schedule overlapping shifts.

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