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At Zip Schedules, we are motivated and inspired by the positive impact nonprofit organizations are having on communities around the world. That’s why we’ve decided to give back and help make an impact of our own. Our nonprofit program offers Zip Schedules for 20% off to 501c(3) official nonprofit organizations and charities that are nongovernment, nonacademic, noncommercial, nonpolitical in nature, and have no religious affiliation.

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Improve Scheduling Efficiency

Your nonprofit volunteer schedules can often be chaotic to organize, difficult to access, and even harder to communicate. Zip Schedules makes it easy to create volunteer staff schedules, fill schedule shift gaps, handle volunteer requests, and communicate with the entire nonprofit organization. Learn More ?

Better Volunteer Engagement

Your volunteer communication strategy is an important factor in determing the engagement levels of your volunteer base at your nonprofit organization. When you use Zip Schedules your volunteers and staff will have access to a free mobile app to view their schedules, make requests, swap shifts, receive news and communicate internally.

Streamline Nonprofit Operations

In order to effectively manage your nonprofit organization you need to maximize the time worked by staff and donated by volunteers. This makes your nonprofit staff scheduling and time tracking extremely important to a successful volunteer management program.

Zip Schedules gives you all of the tools you need to easily manage your volunteer staff in one easy to use platform with instant access to volunteer scheduling data, better communication, and volunteer staff autonomy. If you are looking to further reduce your administrative duties our time clock app, Zip Clock makes recording volunteer time effortless. Volunteers simply hit clock in at the start of their shift then clock out at end of their shift, from a mobile device, and their time is automatically recorded on your time log.

Start focusing on higher-level operations and streamline what could and should be effortless. Learn More ?

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