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The 9 Best Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

It may not seem like it, but missing sleep is a big deal. Especially if you’re on a string of “who needs sleep?” benders and moving into sleep deprivation. “Chronic sleep deprivation has lots of negative consequences,” says Sonia Ancoli-Israel , fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine [...]

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9 Reasons Online Schedule Generators are the Secret to Productivity in the Workplace

For organizations with a large and diverse workforce, the single most effective strategy to boost productivity and immediately raise their profits is to be on top of all their scheduling procedures. It is only through proper employee [...]

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7 Simple Habits of Productive and Healthy Employees

The daily actions we take create our lifetime habits, and if we take the right ones we will see valuable things happen in our life that increase our health, wealth, and happiness. Studies have shown that it takes three weeks to create a new habit, so over the course of the next month, [...]

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